Question: Are Timmy And Tommy Adopted?

The Animal Crossing e-Reader cards imply that the Nooklings are Tom’s sons or nephews, but Nook states in Animal Crossing: Wild World that he has no relation to them, and that they are simply his employees.

In later games, certain villagers mention that Tom Nook found the Nooklings as orphans and adopted them.

Timmy and Tommy are raccoons (tanukis in the Japanese version). They are identical twins.

How old are Timmy and Tommy Animal Crossing?

Timmy and Tommy
SpeciesTanukis (Japan) Racoons (Other)
ServiceNookingtons Upper Floor Clerks
Appearance(s)Animal Forest Animal Forest + Animal Crossing Animal Forest e+ Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing: The Movie

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Where are Tommy and Timmy’s parents?

Tommy Tibble and Timmy Tibble are energetic twin brothers in D.W.’s preschool class. Together they are known as the Tibble twins or the Tibbles.

Picard Finale Rewind (Spoilers!) – The Loop.

Tommy and Timmy Tibble
ResidenceThe Tibbles’ House, Elwood City
FamilyTrixie Tibble (mother) Mrs. Tibble (grandmother)

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Is Goldie from animal crossing a boy?

Goldie (キャラメル, Caramel) is a normal villager from Animal Crossing games, appearing in every game in the Animal Crossing Series up to date. Her name is based on the breed of dog she is, a Golden Retriever.

Birthday:December 27th
Initial Phrase:“woof”

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