Quick Answer: Are Xbox 360 Games Worth Anything?

How much will GameStop give you for Xbox 360 games?

Retailers like GameStop will accept an Xbox 360 (S model) 320 GB system or a PS3 500 GB system for $110, according to its current trade-values listing.

What Xbox 360 games are worth money?

Most Valuable Xbox 360 Games

  • Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition.
  • Fallout 3 Survival Edition.
  • Mass Effect Collector’s Edition.
  • Assassin’s Creed II The Master Assassin’s Edition.
  • Tales of Vesperia Special Edition.
  • Halo 3 Legendary Edition.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition.

How much is an Xbox 360 worth now?

Xbox 360 prices, trade in values and places to sell

Xbox 360 ConsoleOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy, Target, GameStop)
Xbox 360 (Slim) 4 GB$19$14
Xbox 360 S (Slim) 250 GB$27$19
Xbox 360 S (Slim) 320 GB$29$20
Xbox 360 E 4 GB$21$14

6 more rows

How much are old Xbox 360 games worth?

Xbox 360 PriceCharting Index

TitleLoose PriceCIB Price
Xbox 360 Slim Console 250GB$64.60$110.24
Red Dead Redemption$5.49$8.17
Assassin’s Creed III$2.99$4.11
Fable III$4.63$5.00

47 more rows

What new games are out for Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 Games

  1. tbd. Jun 11, 2019.
  2. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. tbd. Jun 11, 2019.
  3. Armed and Dangerous. tbd. Jun 11, 2019.
  4. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. tbd. Jun 11, 2019.
  5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. tbd.
  6. Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict. tbd.
  7. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. tbd.
  8. Just Dance 2019. tbd.

Are there free games on Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 allows users to download a large number of games and demos for free. Xbox Live has two types of accounts. Silver accounts are completely free and allow games and demos to be downloaded. Several full games, such as Aegis Wing and Dash of Destruction, are completely free.

Is Xbox 360 still worth buying 2018?

And yes, buying an Xbox 360 in 2018 is still worth. For the online part, some games with backwards compatibility will allow you to play cross platform, but if your friends have an Xbox one and are playing a game with no backward compatibility, you will not be able to play with them.

What games are worth money?

But there is always that one game, the Holy Grail of gaming, that is worth a fortune.

  • 1 Nintendo World Championships (Gold Cartridge) ($100,088)
  • 2 Gamma Attack ($50,000)
  • 3 Stadium Events ($41,977)
  • 4 Birthday Mania ($35,000)
  • 5 Air Raid ($33,433)

How much is an Xbox 360 worth at a pawn shop?

The average Xbox 360 pawn value is $53.81, according to our 2019 price data at PawnGuru. The maximum offer made on an Xbox 360 was $225.

How many games are there for Xbox 360?

Play over 1,300 games, including over 200 console exclusives.

Where can I sell my Xbox 360 for the most money?

The direct approach: eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree

You’ll get the most amount of money, but you’ll also have to put in the most amount of effort. Of the three services eBay is the most in-depth, but in return you get the most amount of options.

What are the rarest Xbox 360 games?

Most Valuable Xbox 360 Games

  1. Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition.
  2. Fallout 3 Survival Edition.
  3. Mass Effect Collector’s Edition.
  4. Assassin’s Creed II The Master Assassin’s Edition.
  5. Tales of Vesperia Special Edition.
  6. Halo 3 Legendary Edition.
  7. Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition.
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition.

Is Xbox 360 Dead?

The Xbox 360 is dead. Long live the Xbox 360. Microsoft said Wednesday that the company has ceased production on its last-generation Xbox 360 game console, which launched just more than 10 years ago in November 2005. “Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles.

Are games still made for Xbox 360?

Microsoft has decided to stop making the Xbox 360 after 10 years of production. Microsoft announced today that it will stop making its Xbox 360 gaming console after a decade of production. Xbox 360 games will still be available in stores and online until supplies run out.

How old is Xbox 360?

Launch. The Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005, in the United States and Canada; December 2, 2005, in Europe and December 10, 2005, in Japan.