Can Amiibos Be Reused?

They aren’t designed to be disposable.

However as said you can take the Amiibo’s over to another’s house and use them for Smash.

Can Amiibo be used more than once?

Unfortunately, you can only use each Amiibo once a day, unless you use one of the below tricks. This may be useful for those that are trying to get one of those last items, or maybe you’re just impatient and want everything in one day.

Can Amiibos be reused breath of the wild?

Every Zelda Amiibo will drop something different into the world of Breath of the Wild when you activate it. The rub, however, is that Amiibo can only be used to spawn in-game loot once every twenty four hours.

Can you buy used Amiibos?

Used amiibo can be used without issue.

Are Amiibos worth it?

If you only focus on the games/characters you like, then yes. It’s worth it if it brings you joy to have and display them. For the foreseeable future it looks like Nintendo will continue supporting in-game amiibo functionality, but honestly, the in-game amiibo bonuses aren’t that great.

How many times can Amiibo be used?

Zelda only allows you to use each amiibo once per day. However, rare items like these require you to scan the same amiibo multiple times until you get lucky.