Can GameStop Tell If Something Is Stolen?

Short answer: they don’t.

At least, not right away.

Part of why GameStop requires a photo ID for trades is because they’re legally listed as a pawn shop.

Everything traded in is visible to local police departments, and serial numbers are logged for anything with a serial.

Does Gamestop check serial numbers on returns?

Switch the external serial number, chances are they won’t check the internal one. Also, if you have the ability, switch parts, then return it. Either way, they will check the serial. I’ve never seen them check an internal serial number though, so that might work.

Can you trade in Walmart games at Gamestop?

Turn Your Old Video Games Into Anything at Walmart. Believe it or not, gamers now have a new way of trading in their gently used games: Walmart. The company follows Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and others that take trade-ins for store credit.

Can you sell games without case?

gamestop only cares about the games not the cases or the manuals. as long as they are in good condition you’ll get the same as what they would offer if they did have cases. You can trade in games without cases without there being any price difference. They can just make a fake case for the game.

Does gamestop give more games for unopened?

Gamestop cant take unopened games.