Can I Charge My Switch With A Phone Charger?

If you don’t mind slow charging (to the extent you may have to power off the Switch to charge), a phone charger is perfectly fine.

For best results, do make sure that the charging cables and phone charger are in good condition (they often degrade).

The high rate required by Switch is not trivial to phone chargers.

Can I use any USB C charger for my switch?

While they offer some different functionality when it comes to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge support, either product will work just as well when it comes to charging the Switch. Or, if you’ve got one handy, any of Apple’s USB-C MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers will also work, as will most other USB-C laptop chargers.

Can you charge a Nintendo switch with a Samsung charger?

The Nintendo Switch Console’s battery is completely drained when plugged in to the Samsung 25W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger that claims to support 25 watts (12 volts @ 2.1 amps), 15 watts (9 volts @ 1.67 amps) and 10 watts (5 volts @ 2 amps) charging profiles.

Can you use any type C charger for switch?

In other words, charge time = both power draw – power usage. As a general rule any USB-C charger will charge any model Switch under any condition.

How can I charge my switch without a charger?



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What charger can I use for Nintendo switch?

Comparison of All Recommended Wall Chargers for the Nintendo Switch

Inateck 60W PD USB-CReview (4.9)60W USB-C PD
Anker PowerPort III Duo18W USB-C PD 18W USB-C PD PowerIQ 3.0 (Quick Charge compatible)
AUKEY PA-D2 Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PDReview (4.8)30W USB-C PD – Single Port 18W USB-C PD – Dual Port

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