Can Roaches Mess Up Your Ps4?

Roach-infested PS4s are a big problem.

Turns out, the PS4’s internal power supply fries roaches onto its components, which can stop the PS4 from turning on.

When the bugs have made little homes in there, and have little roach kids, those roach kids and their feces can melt onto the hardware.

How do I fix roaches in my ps4?



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Can roaches break your ps4?

Once inside, the cockroaches can cause the console to break.

Do I have a roach problem?

The most obvious sign you have a roach problem is actually seeing one. The best time to spot roaches is during the night since they are nocturnal insects. If possible, roaches remain hidden during the day, but overcrowding and a lack of food sources can cause them to brave the daylight in order to survive.

Can I put my ps4 in the freezer?

Putting it in the freezer will turn them into refrigeroaches.