Quick Answer: Can You Buy Single Joy Cons?

Nintendo will sell extra accessories for the console separately — it has even revealed how much each one will cost you.

A single Joy-Con is $50, while a pair (in any color combination) will set you back $80.

Does Nintendo sell single joy cons?

In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Introducing Joy-Con, controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible, for use with Nintendo Switch.

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How much does a single joy con cost?

The left or right Joy-Con controllers can be purchased for $49.99 each, and keep in mind that each controller has slightly different functionality; they’re not all the same. A bundle of both controllers is $79.99.

Are Joycons sold separately?

Nintendo is selling the Switch dock and Joy-Cons separately, but so far they have only been confirmed for release in Japan. Both the Joy-Cons and the dock release March 20–a week after the console releases–and will be available to pre-order from My Nintendo Store starting February 8.

Do I need to buy extra joy cons?

Of course, additional gamepads are necessary for local multiplayer gaming on any console, but $79.99 for two extra Joy-Cons is a lot more than $59.99 for, say, a second Xbox One controller. Note that the Joy-Con controllers are not simply mirror images of each other.

Do New Joycons still drift?

No. Every new joycon works as intended. Drift is a consequence of normal usage as the stick is ppprly designed. And the new models still look like using the same stick, so we don’t know if they will retain the issue or not until someone opens them.

Why are Joy cons so expensive?

Nothing in the breakdown explains why the Joycons are so expensive at $80. The MEMS accelerometer they use costs $1.88 each when buying 500 at a time. Presumably the other chips are about that much as well.