Quick Answer: Can You Gift Games On Nintendo EShop?


It is not possible to send a gift in the Nintendo eShop (on-device or off-device).

You may consider gifting a prepaid Nintendo eShop card or a download code instead.

Download codes for select games can be purchased through the Nintendo Store.

Can you gift a game on Nintendo switch?

The short answer is no, you can’t. There currently isn’t a mechanism to gift Nintendo Switch games digitally, either via the eShop online or directly on your Switch console.

Can I buy Nintendo switch online as a gift?

USA Nintendo eShop Game Cards

This gift card can be redeemed through the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch system. Nintendo Switch Online is a paid service that gives members access to online play in compatible games, a selection of NES games, extra features for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, and more.

Can you redownload games from Nintendo eShop?

Once deleted, Nintendo eShop purchases can be redownloaded at no cost. Downloaded items appear as a gift on the HOME Menu. Once they have fully downloaded, you can tap them to access the software.

Can you refund Nintendo switch eShop games?

If you buy from the Nintendo eShop through the Nintendo Switch, however, there will be no refunds. It’s also important to be aware this policy applies to everything announced through the eshop, including DLC for games you don’t own and purchased by mistake.

Can you gift games to friends on switch?

If you’re wanting a Nintendo Switch gift games feature, the closest you’ll be able to get for now is sending your friend an eShop gift card. Another option is to buy the gift recipient a digital code for the game you want them to play.

Can you buy switch game codes?

To redeem your code, access the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system, then select Enter Download Code. Enter your 16-digit-code to begin downloading your game. You can also visit https://ec.nintendo.com/redeem/#/ to redeem the code to your Nintendo Account online.