Question: Can You Go Back In Time ACNL?

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Time traveling any amount back in time will only advance your town by one day, so you shouldn’t have any problems with villagers moving out.

Is it okay to time travel in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Strictly speaking you can travel backwards in time with turnips – so long as you don’t go back over a previous save. However my experience is only with changing the system clock first, then loading the game. I always use the system to change time, personal preference, play no other games on 3ds.

Should you time travel in Animal Crossing?

I would recommend against Time travelling, but if you do try it, only go 1-2 days. That way, barely anything will change, and if you happen to especially like any of your villagers, make sure to check up on them excessively, or they can move away without your knowledge.

Will new horizons have time travel?

Kyogoku and Nogami’s plan for New Horizons includes seasonal events slated to appear in the game via DLC. Players won’t be able to simply fast-forward through time to experience them. “Adding all the seasonal events by updates wasn’t our way to shun away time travel by any means,” Kyogoku said.

What can you do in Animal Crossing New Leaf?



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