Can You Play Switch Without Internet?

You should be able to use most games offline without problem, especially on the Nintendo Switch, where many of its signature games are single player.

That being said: No updates for you (while offline).

You either need to have the game downloaded if you have it digitally or buy the game physically.

Can you play switch without WiFi?

Yes. You do not need internet access.

Can I play digital games on my switch without Internet?

Once the game has been downloaded to the Switch, you can play it wherever/whenever, no internet connection required. Internet connection is required for online multiplayer, and other online game modes or features.

Can Nintendo Switch Lite work without Internet?


If you set the Lite as your primary console, you’ll be able to play these games offline. But then your other Switch will need to be on WIFI to play. Set the lite as your primary console. Only the primary console can play your digital games without needing to connect online.

Does Mario Kart 8 need WiFi?

Mario Kart 8 is one of those games that has a single player option. 1 set of joy cons can be flipped sideways for most games (Mario Kart included), so you can play 2 players in “split screen” on the one Switch without wifi or any additional controllers. For more players you’ll need more controllers.

Is it worth buying a Nintendo switch?

But it’s not just Nintendo’s own games that make it worth buying. The Switch is becoming an increasingly popular platform with other developers—you’ll find some of the big blockbuster titles on it, such as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but it’s particularly good for indie games.