Quick Answer: Can You Put Stickers On A Switch?

There’s A Dangerous Reason Why You Shouldn’t Put Stickers On Your Nintendo Switch.

They could destroy your console.

Be careful if you were planning on adding stickers or skins to your shiny new Nintendo Switch – reports are coming in that doing so may damage your console and your joyous Joy-Cons.

Do Skins ruin your switch?

Yes, emphasis on new – that’s because the Switch is a bit high maintenance in one regard: skins with standard adhesives can damage the Switch’s delicate plastic. The discovery of this flaw was kinda a big deal on Reddit, and it led to dbrand halting sales of all Switch skins.

Should I put a skin on my Nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch owners, don’t put a skin on your new console. Owners of the new Nintendo Switch, however, will want to avoid purchasing these accessories, as the adhesive has been found to damage the outer surface of the console.

Are stickers bad for your skin?

Skin is major danger zone. Oil, hair, pores, and constantly shedding of skin layers makes the human body completely uninhabitable for stickers. Now that you know the basics, head out in the wild unknown and use your stickers to test exciting new surfaces.

How do I decorate my Nintendo switch?



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