Can You Sell A Console Without The Controller?

Can you sell a console without the controller CeX?

CeX on Twitter: “@buttondigital Unfortunately, we do not buy consoles without a controller, however, you can buy a controller and than sell the console.”

Will GameStop take console without controller?

Current trade values for hardware are listed on the GameStop website. A 500GB PlayStation 4 console will get you $150 in credit or $120 in cash, but they will not accept the console without a controller. A workaround is to use a portion of your trade value towards a used PS4 controller.

Do you need a controller to trade in XBox one?

GameStop will give you cash or credit for your Xbox One trade-in. Just be sure to have your identification. Like Amazon, you need to provide the retailer with your console, your controller and your power adapter. If you’d like to, you can trade-in just your console and keep your controller.

Can you trade in a console without the box?

Do I need to have the original box to trade in a PS4? nope, no box needed. just system, power cord, hdmi cable, sony wireless controller and the charge cable for the controller. Controller cable (Micro-usb; preferably one longer than your hand.)

Can I sell my XBox 360 without a controller?

XBox 360 trade in without controller. Don’t, 360 requires a controller to trade the system in. The 360’s don’t trade in for much anymore and after you have to buy a controller for your system to sell you will end up owing money. Sell it to a friend or off of Craigslist if you don’t have a wireless controller.

Do CeX consoles come with controllers?

CeX on Twitter: “@Santosx07 All consoles will come with controller and leads. Memory card would not be included.”