Quick Answer: Can You Sell Broken Ps4 Controller?

GameStop will usually take broken controllers.

They would knock some money off via a refurb fee, but you could trade it in guilt free if it’s really bothering you.

How much will gamestop buy a ps4 controller for?

xx for the new controller. Gamestop is also offering an extra 25% on hardware. So a trade controller should get you around 27 bucks, bringing a new one down to 13 dollars.

Can you trade in controllers at Gamestop?

Yeah I’m pretty sure you can, cause you can buy used controllers from GameStop. Exactly, but you won’t get a whole heck of a lot of credit for it. Yes, they do.

Can you sell a ps4 without a controller?

Current trade values for hardware are listed on the GameStop website. A 500GB PlayStation 4 console will get you $150 in credit or $120 in cash, but they will not accept the console without a controller. A workaround is to use a portion of your trade value towards a used PS4 controller.

Where can I sell a broken ps3?

What to do with a broken PS3?

  • Trade in the broken model to Gamestop and maybe put the little bit of credit towards the new one.
  • Sell the broken one “as-is” on eBay.
  • Get it repaired for around $100 dollars and try and sell it for $150 on eBay.
  • Break it down and sell it off for parts (not so sure about this idea).