Can You Sell Game Keys?

Anyone can sell on Kinguin

Whether you have a spare key in your digital library or gift from a friend, you can sell it on Kinguin and exchange the collected funds for other games.

From what I know, it is completely legal to do so, as long as they are purchased from legal sites. As for Humble Bundle and other websites they are in direct contact with developers who provide keys straight from Steam. But remember Steam does not get any money from these keys therefore they cannot refund it.

Is it illegal to sell Humble Bundle keys?

Can I sell or give away my keys? Humble Bundle products are for personal use only. We do not allow selling or redistributing keys from your purchases. For additional information into selling or trading keys please review the Humble Bundle Terms of Service.

How do you sell game codes?



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Can you sell game keys on eBay?

When ranting against G2A, I heard TotalBiscuit say that it’s not true (unlike what many people think) that you can sell/buy game keys on eBay. Yes, people do it, but it’s actually forbidden and you run into troubles if you get caught. And you can sell it.

The majority of the G2A game keys come from sales, bulk deals or online marketplaces intended for other regions. Buying keys obtained in any of those ways is legal, and there is no risk to you in doing so. However, some of the game keys offered on G2A may have been purchased with stolen credit cards.

Can you sell steam codes?

Gameflip is the best way to sell Steam game keys, whether you want to update your collection or just need some cash. Sell it Gameflip and use the proceeds for other games. Simply list your Steam game keys using our website or our free mobile app.

Do Humble Bundle keys expire?

They shouldn’t expire.

Is Humble Bundle legit?

Humble Bundle was the very first “bundle” site, actually. They later expanded into a Humble Store, which sells DRM-free games and Steam keys (depending on the game) individually. Yes, they’re legit; they get their keys directly from the publisher/developer.

Is Humble Bundle worth?

In my humble opinion, humble bundle is worth it. Humble bundle is providing a variety of games that I can try without risking spending hundred dollars. Some games I like, some I don’t but every month is worth well over the $12 you will pay. Lastly, you can actually exchange the games you don’t want on r/SteamGameSwap.