Quick Answer: Can You Share Nintendo Switch Game Cards?


On your primary console.

You can also use the same account with multiple consoles and download and access your digital games from those secondary consoles.

However, on secondary consoles, other accounts on that console will not be able to access your games.

Can you share physical switch games?

The easiest way to share games between Switch consoles is just to buy physical copies of games whenever possible. None of the internet checking or account swapping nonsense applies to a Nintendo Switch game cartridge. Any account can play a physical cartridge at any time.

How do I share a downloaded switch game?



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How to PROPERLY Setup Game Sharing on Nintendo Switch + Play


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How do you Gameshare with a Nintendo switch?

How To Game Share On The Nintendo Switch

  • Go to System Settings once you turn on your switch.
  • Go to the User tab and select Add User.
  • Select the button that says “Link a Nintendo Account” (it should pop up after you select OK) and then you will be sent to a white screen that should show you options to link a Nintendo Account to the user.

Is it better to buy physical games or digital?

Going physical also gives you the option to buy pre-owned games, which are usually at least a few bucks cheaper than new copies. You can show off your collection. Sure, going digital saves you shelf space, but for some people, collecting physical game boxes is half the fun.

Can 2 switches share games?

To share a game, you’ll need to have a Nintendo account paired with your Switch console. You can’t share a game and play it on two separate Switch consoles at the same time, however; one player will get kicked out if you try.