Question: Can You Sue Someone For Selling Your Belongings?

Can I sue someone for selling my stuff?

Yes, you can be sued after selling a house to a buyer in the UK.

A buyer can sue you after buying your house if you misrepresented the property or did anything that could be seen as a breach of the sales agreement or fraudulent.

Buyers can take out insurance which covers their costs if they have to sue a conveyancer.

Is it illegal to keep someone else’s belongings?

States have very specific laws if the person in possession of your property is your former landlord. Some laws require the landlord to hold the former tenant’s property for a short period of time, such as seven days. The law may or may not allow the landlord to charge storage fees for this period of time.

Can you sue someone for not giving your stuff back?

You can file a conversion suit to reclaim the value of your property when someone else, without your consent, either damages or fails to return it. You can also sue for negligence or other cause of action as it fits your case.

Can I get rid of my ex belongings?

The short answer is: “No.” Or at least not without taking certain steps first. It’s understandable that for practical and emotional reasons you may want to quickly get rid of anything that is left behind once the split is final and your Ex moves out.