Quick Answer: Can You Use Any USB C For Switch Dock?

You can use any usb-c adapters when charging the Switch alone, but when using it with the dock, using the official Nintendo power brick is a MUST if you want a safe experience.

Can you use any USB C for switch?

Or, if you’ve got one handy, any of Apple’s USB-C MacBook and MacBook Pro chargers will also work, as will most other USB-C laptop chargers. Alternatively, you can pick up a generic USB-C charger — so long as it outputs at least 5.0V/1.5A, it’ll be good enough for juicing up a Switch.

Can you use any USB C charger for Nintendo switch dock?

Generally any quality cable will do. The ones that come with a decent phone is gonna be ok. However a USB-A to USB-C won’t be able to charge your fully when playing a game, the switch draws too much power so the battery will die after a while. You need a USB-C to USB-C for that to work and a decent adapter.

Can you use other chargers for Nintendo switch?

Almost any USB charger you already have can work for this, but you’ll need a USB-C cable if you don’t already have one. You can even use a laptop’s USB ports. These chargers are a bit big for portable use, but they can be used to power Nintendo’s official Switch dock, which requires a 39W or higher PD charger.

What chargers are compatible with Nintendo switch?

Comparison of All Recommended Wall Chargers for the Nintendo Switch

AUKEY PA-Y19 Minima 30W30W USB-C PD
ZMI PowerPlug TurboReview (4.8)45W USB-C PD Quick Charge 3.0
Inateck 60W PD USB-CReview (4.9)60W USB-C PD
Anker PowerPort III Duo18W USB-C PD 18W USB-C PD PowerIQ 3.0 (Quick Charge compatible)

4 more rows