Do Wii Games Have Region Codes?

Make your Wii region-free without modding.

Like the GameCube Freeloader, the latest Wii Freeloader will allow Wii gamers to play games from any region on their consoles.

Currently, all unmodded Wii consoles in the market are region-locked, so only games from the same region can be played on that machine.

How do I make my Wii Region Free?



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How do I know what region my Wii is?

Scroll to the bottom of the location list. Select “Choose from other regions.” Choose the region nearest you after scrolling through the various regions listed. Select it with your Wii remote and press the “A” button.

Do video games have region codes?

Video games[edit]

Video games typically have one of four regional codes. The list below shows the areas covered by each code: NTSC-U/C – United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central America Mexico, South America. NTSC-J – Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia.

Can you play UK Wii games on US console?

It is my understanding that Wii games are region encoded, so you can play games bought in UK on a UK Wii, but if you brought it to the US, while you could continue to play the games you have; any games bought in the US would not work on it.

How do I change region on Wii?

Go to your Wii Channel Menu and select the feature for which you want to change your regional settings. For example, if you want to change the setting for the Forecast Channel, use your Wii remote to select the Forecast Channel. If you need to change the region for the Everybody Votes Channel, click that channel.

Does the Wii FreeLoader still work?

Yep, Nintendo stopped freeloader from working with their firmware update. Barstards. No more GC imports for you unless you get a modchip. i just use my gamecube to play gamecube imports. have a freeloader for gamecube and there’s no firmware updates for gamecube so they’ll never be able to stop me.