Quick Answer: Do You Need Nintendo Online For Animal Crossing?


Do you need switch online for Animal Crossing?

The answer to the question, “Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons require Switch Online,” is yes it does for online play and no it does not, provided you’re not trying to do anything online. This is pretty much how most games with online functionality behave.

Do you have to have Nintendo online to play Animal Crossing with friends?

Whether you want to snag new types of fruit or rack up your Nook Miles, here’s how to use Animal Crossing: New Horizons multiplayer. Some quick notes — you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play with friends online, though you can play with nearby friends via local wireless without one.

Do you have to play Animal Crossing Online?

Local Multiplayer is free

When playing Animal Crossing within close vicinity of a friend who also has the game, you can connect via Local Play for free. The features you can enjoy on Local Play are more or less the same as the ones you can do online.

Does Animal Crossing New Horizons need Nintendo online?

You need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to access any online multiplayer features. Couch Co-Op Local Multiplayer (Party Play): Up to 8 players can live on one island; 4 players living on the same island can play together – at the same time – on a single system (couch co-op style).