Quick Answer: Does 14k Gold Have Resale Value?

14k is 58.3% pure (14/24) .

One ounce of 14k is valued at $721.58.

If you are selling the gold as bulk gold to a buyer, that is what you should expect to get.

Is it worth buying 14k gold?

14K is good but not high quality of gold if you are opting for an “investment piece” of gold. However, 14k is often used when there is a need to mount a precious stone.. although 18K is sturdy enough, 14K is much more considered due to its hardness and lesser chances of getting bent easily.

Can you sell 14k gold?

Finding a Buyer for 14-Karat Gold Jewelry

These buyers will buy your 14K jewelry for scrap gold. This means that they will value it depending on the current prices of the precious metal. Gold dealers buy jewelry to melt it or sell it to buyers who will extract the gold themselves.

How much can I get for 14k gold ring?

Now, since 14K gold is only 58.33% actual gold, we divide the per gram price of pure gold ($37.531) by 0.5833 to arrive at a 14K gold price of right at $21.92 a gram. Now you multiply the weight of the ring in grams by the price per gram at 14K, and you have the spot price of your ring.