Does 3ds Online Still Work?

There’s no need to overreact!

Nintendo haven’t announced anything about the 3DS’s online services being closed.

If the Wii Shop can last from 2006 until 2019, I think that at least the 3DS eShop, if not the whole online service for the system will last until about 2021-2022 at the earliest.

Can you still play online on 3ds?

Yes, the New Nintendo 3DS XL system offers online play with compatible games**. Some games may offer local multiplayer or co-op play. To find out what multiplayer options a game has, check out its details in our game store.

Is Nintendo shutting down the 3ds?

Now, according to the listings on their own website for all consoles, the 3DS listings have been totally shut down. Meaning that not only does Nintendo have no new games planned for it on their end, but they’re not listing any games coming down the road for the 3DS period.

How long will the 3ds eShop last?

How Long Will the Battery Remain Charged?

SystemUsing Nintendo 3DS softwareUsing Nintendo DS software
Nintendo 3DS XL3.5 – 5.5 hours6 – 10 hours
Nintendo 2DS3.5 – 5.5 hours5 – 9 hours
New Nintendo 3DS3.5 – 6 hours6.5 – 10.5 hours
New Nintendo 3DS XL3.5 – 7 hours7 – 12 hours

2 more rows

Is the 3ds dead?

The 3DS isn’t officially dead: Nintendo has said that it plans to continue supporting the platform. But the launch of a dedicated handheld Switch suggests the company’s portable game efforts could be focused on the Switch, not the 3DS, moving forward.

Is 3ds CFW illegal?

However(just) installing CFW on your 3DS is legal, installing pirated stuff and free copies of games are illegal. Some homebrew stuff, taking a NAND backup is allowed as well.

Is the Nintendo 3ds XL discontinued?

Nintendo has confirmed via delistings from their website that they will only be selling the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL, meaning that the New Nintendo 3DS XL is officially discontinued in North America. The New Nintendo 3DS was discontinued in 2017, but the New Nintendo 3DS XL was still in production.

Is Nintendo discontinuing the 2ds?

The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game console produced by Nintendo. The Nintendo 2DS was discontinued in North America on February 8, 2020, leaving the New 2DS XL the only 3DS model to still be in production worldwide.

Why was the 3ds discontinued?

Nintendo discontinued the production of the New 3DS and N3DS XL systems because they came out with the New 2DS XL. They did this 80% because the Switch was already out, 10% because many players complained that tHe 3D hUrTs mY EyEs, and 10% because developers quit making their games support stereo 3D.

When was the 3ds discontinued?

So, Nintendo doesn’t really have any reason to ditch the handheld completely until it starts losing the company money. It will be interesting to see if the 3DS can make it to 2020, but the original DS stuck it out for nearly a decade, so it’s not like such a thing hasn’t happened before.

Is the Nintendo eShop closing?

In 2019, the Wii Shop Channel and its iconic music will come to an end. A statement from Nintendo says that Wii owners will be able to purchase content from the Wii Shop Channel until Jan. 30, 2019. The digital store predated Nintendo’s eShop, which is available for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Does 3ds sleep waste battery?

Avoid Using Suspend and Sleep Mode

If you close your 3DS while you’re playing a game — or after hitting the Home button to return to the home screen without closing the game — that game will stay suspended in the background. These features use up more battery life.

How do you put your 3ds to sleep?

Locate the switch labeled SLEEP on the bottom right of the system. Press the switch all the way to the right. You should see an orange color show up when the switch is pressed all the way to the right.