Quick Answer: Does GameStop Buy Broken Controllers?

PSA: GameStop will accept broken controllers.

Just the controller.

Can you sell controllers to GameStop?

Yeah I’m pretty sure you can, cause you can buy used controllers from GameStop. Exactly, but you won’t get a whole heck of a lot of credit for it. Yes, they do.

Does GameStop buy messed controllers?

GameStop will usually take broken controllers. They would knock some money off via a refurb fee, but you could trade it in guilt free if it’s really bothering you.

Can I return a broken controller to GameStop?

Yeah, you can return it (all used products can be returned for a full refund in 7 days).

Does GameStop buy Xbox One controllers?

Trade In Xbox One Black Wireless Controller | GameStop.

Can you sell a console without the controller?

Current trade values for hardware are listed on the GameStop website. A 500GB PlayStation 4 console will get you $150 in credit or $120 in cash, but they will not accept the console without a controller. A workaround is to use a portion of your trade value towards a used PS4 controller.

Why does GameStop give so little for games?

Why does gamestop give so little cash back for games? Unfortunately that means less buy back price for the customer, but ultimately if they paid top dollar for games and still resold them at the price they’re listed, they would’ve been out of business a long time ago.

How much does GameStop give for a ps4 controller?

Right now, Gamestop is offerring to give store credit for the old controllers for about $41.25 and this special ends this Sunday.

How much is GameStop refurbish fee?

GameStop will charge a $50 refurb fee if you trade in ps4 with any dust on it.

Do GameStop buy broken Xbox 360?

Everything at GameStop comes with a 30 day defective guarantee, so even if you do buy a used 360 and it’s broken you can take it back to the store and get an exchange. Please feel free to ask the staff to test systems for you if you’re hesitant about buying a used one!

Can you return a game after it’s been opened?

Music, movies and games cannot be returned once opened — only exchanged. Open music, movies, video games and software cannot be returned but may be exchanged at the store for the same title, or for the same or different gaming platform.

Can you return a switch game?

Want to return a Nintendo Switch game? If you grabbed a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game, the simple answer is to just return the game unopened. The retailer you’ve purchased from will accept the return with a receipt, and in some cases will even accept opened games for a return for a reshelving fee.

Can I get a full refund from GameStop?

GameStop provides you an option to return pre-owned items if you are not completely satisfied. You will get a full refund on returning these items within 7 days of purchase. Although, you can return the pre-owned items within 30 days of purchase to exchange it with the same product.

How much does a Elite Xbox controller cost?

Don’t buy Microsoft’s $150 Xbox One controller just yet. Microsoft Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox One controller at E3 this week, called the “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.” The controller itself is extremely useful and customizable, but there’s a major catch: It costs $150.

Do you need a controller to trade in Xbox one?

GameStop will give you cash or credit for your Xbox One trade-in. Just be sure to have your identification. Like Amazon, you need to provide the retailer with your console, your controller and your power adapter. If you’d like to, you can trade-in just your console and keep your controller.

How much is a controller for a ps4?

$25 – $49.99 PS4 Controllers.