Quick Answer: Does The Nintendo Switch Need A Converter?

1 Answer.

You will not need anything more than a physical adapter.

The Switch charger has printed on it, “Input: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz 1 A”, indicating that it can work with any input voltage between 100 and 240 volts AC, at either 50 or 60 Hz.

Is a Nintendo switch dual voltage?

The Switch is multi-voltage like most modern computing devices so the voltage shouldn’t worry you. European sockets are different to US sockets but a simple adapter will allow you to plug a US connector into a European socket.

Can you use any AC adapter for Nintendo switch?

For charging the Switch alone, any USB-C spec charger should be sufficient–better if it supports Power Delivery. You can use any usb-c adapters when charging the Switch alone, but when using it with the dock, using the official Nintendo power brick is a MUST if you want a safe experience.

Can I use my American Nintendo switch in Europe?

@xaiamasters Theoretically it’s possible to use your Nintendo Switch in another country if you have the correct charger, it’s not recommended though. Nintendo’s warranty is only valid for the country that the Switch was purchased in. So if something goes wrong, you’re on your own.

Is the Nintendo switch region locked?

Unlike every other Nintendo console shipped since the company started designing actual operating systems, the Switch is completely region-free — you can play games from any country without issue, often in any language. No Japanese Nintendo console since the DSi has even let you change the system language.

Can switch handle 220v?

Yes it can handle anything between 100 – 240V. Most modern electronic adapters is built this way.

Does US Nintendo switch work in Australia?

If you want to get that brand-new DLC a few hours ahead of time, you can purchase it in a different region and play it. However, this isn’t always true. If content is only supported in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, it will not work for a game in Canada.

Can I charge my switch with a phone charger?

If you don’t mind slow charging (to the extent you may have to power off the Switch to charge), a phone charger is perfectly fine. For best results, do make sure that the charging cables and phone charger are in good condition (they often degrade). The high rate required by Switch is not trivial to phone chargers.

Can I charge switch without dock?

If you want to keep gaming on the go after that brief amount of time, you’ll need to charge. But you don’t need Nintendo’s Switch dock for that. The Switch charges over USB Type-C, which allows it to be used with portable chargers. The Switch doesn’t include a USB Type-C cable, but you can grab one for cheap.

Will a Samsung charger charge a Nintendo switch?

When observed through the Granite River Labs GRL-USB-PD-A1 test software, the Samsung charger looks to deliver a steady state charging of around 2.5 watts (5 volts @ 0.5 amps) to the Nintendo Switch Console starting from 0% battery charge and during power off on the Switch.

Will Nintendo switch from US work in India?

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s most successful console since the days of the Wii. Unlike the PS4 and Xbox One, which benefit from Sony and Microsoft’s official presence with games available on disc and digitally via the PS Store and Microsoft store, Nintendo doesn’t sell its games or hardware in India.

What voltage is Nintendo switch?

5 volts

Can US Nintendo switch work in UK?

Actually, most likely you shorted the dock when you plugged it in in the U.K. without the adapter. You have a US dock that is set for US voltage, around 120. It’s actually working now, with the UK power cable. It seems the Switch doesn’t like extension sockets – or at least the one I was using.

How do I change the region on my switch?

To change the region on your console, select Settings from the main menu. Scroll down to the bottom and select System. Select Region from the System menu. Choose the region you want to switch to from the pop up that appears.

Can I buy a Japanese Nintendo switch?

If you’re really looking to save money, you could also buy a second hand Nintendo Switch in Traders (Akihabara.) I checked last 20 September and you could get one for 25,600 Yen (Brand new at MSRP with 13% off is at 28,168 Yen.) So that was my experience buying a Nintendo Switch in Japan!

Why can’t I access my Nintendo eShop?

If you are still unable to access the Nintendo eShop with manual DNS Settings, change the DNS Settings back to Automatic and try accessing again. Turn airplane mode ON, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it OFF. Power off your Nintendo Switch, power it back on, and re-try connecting to the Internet.