How Do I Add Money To My Nintendo EShop?

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How do I add money to my Nintendo account?

Select the account you want to use.

  • How do you want to add funds to your Nintendo Account? Credit Card Nintendo eShop Prepaid Funds Code PayPal Account.
  • Select the picture of your icon in the upper-right corner to access your Account Information. Select Add Funds in the upper-right corner. Select Credit Card.

How do you add $5 to Nintendo eShop?

From the HOME Menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon. Scroll left and select “Add Funds.” Select “Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card.” Tap the box that says, “Enter the activation code.”

How do I add a credit card to my Nintendo eShop?

How to Save Credit Card Information to the Nintendo eShop

  1. From the Wii U Menu, select the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Select Balance or press the + button on the GamePad.
  3. Select Add Funds Using a Credit Card, and then select the dollar amount.
  4. Select the type of credit card (VISA / MasterCard).
  5. Enter the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and then select OK.

How do I add money to my Nintendo eShop debit card?

Select your user icon in the upper-right corner to access your Account Information. Select “Add Funds” in the upper-right corner. Select “Credit Card”. Select the amount of money that you want to add.

Does it cost money to have a Nintendo account?

Most online features on Nintendo systems are free to use, including online multiplayer, though some services may require a fee and will be clearly marked as such. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the Nintendo Network Agreements and Privacy Policy are required.

Is there a way to get free Nintendo eShop points?

You can get free access to all the latest games, by earning points with PointsPrizes. Nintendo eShop codes can be redeemed either in the Account Management section of their website or at checkout when making a purchase.

How can I get free Nintendo eShop codes?



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Can I use a debit card on Nintendo eShop?

Yes, they work. (But it’s possible your bank has blocked Nintendo. Mine blocks all purchases from Apple, so I have to call the bank and ask before I buy any hardware from the apple store.)

Is it safe to use credit card on Nintendo eShop?

The US has fairly strong regulations protecting card holders from liability. Regardless, the eShop is about as low risk as you can get, especially if you don’t have Nintendo store the card info. You could buy a digital code for a prepaid card on Amazon.

Can you use a credit card on Nintendo eShop?

Yes. You have the option to save the credit card information when you add funds or purchase content with a credit card in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Credit card information stored on your Nintendo Account can also be used for off-device purchases.

Can you use a prepaid visa on Nintendo eShop?

What you can do though is go to a store that sells 3ds eshop cards and buy one with your visa card. It works, just go to the website on the back of the card, login and then enter your zip code. Until you register it online you will only be able to use it in a store.