Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Country On My Nintendo Account?

The Nintendo Network ID (username) and country cannot be changed once the account is created.

The only way to change this information is to create a new Nintendo Network ID.

You do not need to delete the current Nintendo Network ID to create a new one on your system.

How do I change my country on Nintendo eShop?

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How do you fix Nintendo eShop is not currently available in your country?

How to Fix ‘Nintendo eShop is Not Currently Available in Your Country’

  • Go to Settings, System, select Region, and then choose The Americas.
  • Open Nintendo eShop.
  • Select United States as your region.
  • Go to location Settings, click change and add a zip code. ( Sample: 90210 for Beverly Hills, California)
  • Save.

How do I change my Nintendo account settings?

Complete these steps

  1. Go to the Nintendo Account website and sign in to your Nintendo Account. You can also access your profile settings through the My Nintendo website by clicking your username in the upper-right corner, then My Nintendo Settings.
  2. Choose from the following sections: User Info. Profile.