How Do I End My Netflix Account?

How do I cancel Netflix on my phone?

The same scheme applies if you’d prefer to cancel your Netflix account through the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.
  • Hit the Menu icon.
  • Choose Account.
  • Choose Subscriptions.
  • Select Netflix, and then cancel.

Can I cancel Netflix anytime?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription at any time, but the process depends on how you are being billed — directly through Netflix, via iTunes, or through another third-party. Deleting your profile isn’t the same as cancelling your subscription.

Is it easy to cancel Netflix?

Access your Netflix Account from the top drop-down menu. You’ll see “Cancel membership” under the Membership & Billing section. Click on it. Click “Finish Cancellation” to cancel your Netflix membership.

Why can’t I cancel my Netflix account?

If you do not see the cancellation option in your account, you will need to cancel the account with your billing company. On your Account page, you will see either a link to guide you through the cancellation process with your billing company, or instructions to contact your billing company to cancel.

How can I get Netflix free?



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