Question: How Do I Get The Most Out Of Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing New Horizons tips and tricks: 10 essential hints for beginners

  • Choose your starting map wisely.
  • 2. Make sure tents are spaced out.
  • Collect everything, new resources appear daily.
  • Donate every unique item, sell everything else.
  • Manage your “pockets” inventory wisely.

How do I get better at Animal Crossing?

19 best Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips: Nature Day, buying art and more

  1. Look out for forged art.
  2. Save your weeds.
  3. Travel back in time before you move forward.
  4. Don’t put off paying your debts.
  5. Find every type of fruit.
  6. Fruit gives you superpowers.
  8. Catch all the fish and bugs.

What should I do first in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — What To Do On Your First Day

  • Talk to both your villagers.
  • Comb the beach for shells to sell.
  • Shake trees.
  • Hit rocks with an axe.
  • Pull all the weeds you can get to.
  • Catch more fish and bugs.
  • Craft tools and furniture.

How do you progress in Animal Crossing?

22 Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips to know before you start

  1. Remember that progress is gated by real-life days.
  2. You have to learn a recipe before you can craft it.
  3. Pay off your moving costs ASAP to unlock new options.
  4. You won’t get all the tools you’ll need straight away.
  5. Flimsy tools are your friends in the early days.

How do you progress in Animal Crossing New Horizons?



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