Quick Answer: How Do I Know If My Switch Has A Better Battery?

Alternatively, the updated Switch with the better battery may go by the model number HAC-001(-01).

The original Switch model number is simply HAC-001.

The new Switch should also have a serial number — visible on the bottom of the console itself — that starts with the letters XKW.

What switch has the best battery life?

Best Battery Backup for Your Nintendo Switch in 2020

  • Best Overall: Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD.
  • Best Runner-Up: Mophie Powerstation XXL.
  • Best for Travel: Zerolemon Battery Charger Case.
  • Best for Handheld Charging: Marval Power GuliKit Battery Master.
  • Best Official Pick: Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition.

How long should my switch battery last?

For the original model of the Nintendo Switch console, the battery life is approximately 2.5 to 6.5 hours. For the updated model of the Nintendo Switch console, the battery life is approximately 4.5 to 9 hours. For Nintendo Switch Lite, the battery life is approximately 3 to 7 hours.

How can you tell the difference between switch v1 and v2?

The only way I could find to tell the hardware apart is the model number stamped on the back. The original reads “HAC-001,” while V2 is “HAC-001 (-01).” But there’s also an easier way to tell the difference — the V2 Switch comes in a box with a red background on its front panel.

How do you tell the difference between old and new switches?



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How do you extend the battery life of a switch?

How to extend battery life on your Nintendo Switch

  1. Lower the brightness.
  2. Set your Switch to Airplane mode.
  3. Turn it all the way off when not in use.
  4. Disable Vibration.

Can you replace switch battery?

Follow this guide to replace the battery in a Nintendo Switch gaming console. The battery is heavily glued in and will require adhesive remover to make replacement possible. Before disassembling your device, discharge the battery below 25%. If your battery is swollen, do not heat your Switch.

Will Nintendo upgrade the switch?

Per Polygon, a Nintendo customer representative has confirmed it’s doing the swap, although customers will still have to shell out for shipping costs to send the old model back to Nintendo. The updated Switch model isn’t the only new Switch console Nintendo’s offering this fall.

When did the updated switch come out?

DigiTimes reported the new Nintendo Switch model will be released in “mid-2020,” with production beginning “at the end of first-quarter 2020” — which is sometime around March.

What type of charger does the Nintendo switch use?

A USB-C (non-Power Deliver) or 10W USB-A charger can also charge your Nintendo Switch.