Question: How Do I Listen To Music On My DS?

Can you listen to music on a Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS is capable of functioning as a PDA or handheld multimedia device, but Nintendo has chosen to keep it mostly focused on video games.

Meanwhile the Sony PSP, a direct competitor to the DS, has the ability to not only play games, but watch movies, play music, and more.

How do I get music on my DS?

How to Put Music on an SD Card for Nintendo DSi Music

  • Insert an SD card into your computer’s card reader.
  • Click “Start” and “Computer” on your Windows 7 or Vista system.
  • Locate the music you want to put on the card.
  • Click a song to go to its current location.
  • Remove the SD card from the computer, and insert it into the card slot in the Nintendo DSi.

How can I watch videos on my DS?



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How to play Movies/Videos on a Ds lite, DSi, or 3DS | R4 Card


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Can you listen to music on your switch?

The “My Music” feature is essentially iTunes for Nintendo music. If you want, you can plug your headphones in, turn the Switch’s screen off, toss the giant handheld into your bag and listen to the game’s music during your commute. You know, if you want to use the hybrid console as a gigantic MP3 player.