How Do I Sell My Town ACNL?

What happens when you sell your town ACNL?

When you sell your town, you will lose your home, items, villagers, custom designs, stats, etc, just like restarting a new game. You’ll have the option of having daily payments of the bells you earned from selling, with 10% interest, or have all of it added to your bank immediately.

What happens when you rebuild town in Animal Crossing?

Rebuilding a Town is an option in every Animal Crossing series game so far. During the process of restarting the current saved file/town will all be wiped out, this includes villagers, house, money, furniture, all the progress the player has made ever in the game gets deleted and starts out like a new copy of the game.

Is it better to sell a nook or retail?

2 Answers. Always, always sell to Re-Tail. They will always buy your items at a higher price than the Nook stores will. While the Nookling store does upgrade in this game, they upgrade only based on the amount you have spent in their store, not the combined buy/sell amount.

How do you restart your town in Animal Crossing?

Resetting your town

  • Launch Animal Crossing: New Leaf from the Nintendo 3DS home menu.
  • From the title screen, press the “A” button.
  • Select “Continue” and choose the name of your character.
  • Isabelle will load your town and remind you of the date and time.
  • Select “Re-create the town” followed by “This is what I want.”