Question: How Do I Unlink A Nintendo Account?

Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account.

  • Click “User Information”, then scroll down to the “Linked Accounts” section and click “Change”.
  • To unlink an NNID from your Nintendo Account, click the checkmark next to “Nintendo Network ID” to remove the link.

How do I delete my Nintendo account from my switch?

Complete these steps

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME Menu.
  2. Scroll down to highlight Users, then select the appropriate user account to access the Profile Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings and select Delete User.
  4. Check the box next to Delete, then select Next.

How do I deactivate my Nintendo account without the console?

“If you do not have access to the original console, you can also deactivate a primary console off-device once per year. Off-device deactivations can be done by visiting, selecting “Shop Menu”, and then “Deregister Primary Console”.”

You can link your Nintendo Account to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles and play your games on any of them using your Nintendo Account. Only one of the consoles can act as the primary console. On the primary console, any other users can play the games you downloaded with your Nintendo Account.

What happens if I delete my Nintendo account?

You can delete your Nintendo Account by selecting “Delete Account” from the Profile menu. After the deactivation period has passed, your Nintendo Account will be deleted permanently and you will lose all your data associated with it, such as: Mission status, points and rewards in the My Nintendo rewards programme.

Can you delete a Nintendo account?

Sign in to your Nintendo Account, and select Other Settings. Click the Delete Account link at the bottom of the page. Read through the onscreen information regarding Nintendo Account deletion. Once you have read the information, click Deactivate and Delete.

How do you switch accounts on a switch?

Select System Settings from the Home screen of your Nintendo Switch. Scroll down and select Users from the menu on the left. Select the profile you want to link a Nintendo Account to.

How do I remove an email account from my Nintendo switch?

Go to the Nintendo Account website and sign in to your Nintendo Account. Select User info, then scroll down to the email section and click Edit.

How do I add a family member to my Nintendo account?

Complete These Steps:

  • Click Nintendo Account in the upper-left corner of the screen to access your account settings.
  • Select Family group.
  • Select Add member. This option only appears for the family group’s admin member. If this option isn’t appearing, review the other members in the family group to verify the admin.

Linking a Nintendo Account to a user account also provides access to the following online features: Access online game modes (online multiplayer, global rankings, DLC, etc) Use any applications that require Internet access (including Nintendo eShop)

Can I transfer digital games from one switch to another?

Nintendo lets you move your digital games from one Switch to another instead of having to buy a new copy if you get a new one. Luckily, with the launch of the Switch, players can transfer a digitally downloaded game from one device to another fairly easily.

Can you recover a deleted Nintendo ID?

If the Nintendo Network ID was deleted, there is no way to restore the account or any associated licenses and funds. You will need to create a new Nintendo Network ID on the console.

How do I change my child account to a parent account on Nintendo switch?

Click “Nintendo Account” in the upper-left corner of the screen to access your account settings. Select “Family group.” Select the Nintendo Account that you want to set as a parent / guardian account. Parent / Guardian status can only be set to non-supervised Nintendo Accounts for users aged 18+.

How do you reset a Nintendo switch to sell?

How to do a full factory reset

  1. From the Home menu, select System Settings.
  2. On the left, scroll all the way down to choose System.
  3. From the System Menu select Formatting Options.
  4. In the Initialize menu, scroll to the bottom and select Initialize Console.
  5. On the following screen scroll all the way down and click Next.