Question: How Do I Use PayPal On Japanese EShop?

How do I use PayPal on eShop?

You can now use the PayPal option in the Nintendo Switch eShop and online Game Store to complete your digital purchase.

  • Click Link a PayPal account.
  • Log in to your PayPal account or create a new PayPal account.

How do you pay on Japanese eShop?

You can buy japanese eShop cards from You’ll need to verify your account email with them before they can send you one, then they send you to a page with an image of the eShop code. Once you have your JP eShop card, open the eShop with your Japanese account.

Is PayPal region locked?

Though PayPal is still region-locked, it is arguably the most hassle-free method of payment if you have international accounts.

How do I get a Japanese eShop code?

Search for Nintendo eshop codes in the search bar and select the amount in yen you want. Then click “Buy and get code” on the right side of the screen. You will likely be prompted to re-enter your card information on the next screen.

Can I add funds to Nintendo eShop online?

Visit, select the payment method you would like to use and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. Once you have added funds to your NNID this way, you can use them both on the Nintendo website and directly within Nintendo eShop on your system.

How can I add funds to my PayPal account?

How to add money to your PayPal account

  1. Log into your PayPal account and click “Transfer Money” under your balance on the home page.
  2. On the next page, click “Add money to your balance.”
  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to transfer from your bank, then hit “Add.”
  4. On the next page, click “Add $ (XXX amount)” to complete the transfer.

What happens if I change the region on my switch?

With the Switch, Nintendo has left behind a long legacy of region-locking its consoles. If you buy cartridges from another region, you’ll need to change your console’s region to play them, too. To change the region on your console, select Settings from the main menu. Scroll down to the bottom and select System.

How do I change my eShop region?



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Are switch games cheaper in Japan?

Nope. So I survived 20 hours of flight doing nothing much before popping by a game shop in Tokyo a day after I land. In Japan, a basic switch costs around 29000 JPY before tax, which is cheaper than the USD$299 is the US. Tax in Japan is around 8% (I may be wrong) while taxes in US depends on state.

How do I change my region on PayPal?

Can I change my PayPal address to another country? No. Due to banking regulations, you can not change your address to a country that is different from the country you used when you opened your account. If you’re moving abroad, you’ll need to close your existing account and open a new account.

Can I use PayPal in Japan?

I am using Paypal in Japan as a Japanese. (Also have other accounts.) Works just fine and it is convenient. Many Japanese also use it for eBay payments and other payments since you don’t have to give your credit card info to numerous places.

Are switches region locked?

Unlike every other Nintendo console shipped since the company started designing actual operating systems, the Switch is completely region-free — you can play games from any country without issue, often in any language. No Japanese Nintendo console since the DSi has even let you change the system language.

How do I set up a Japanese account?



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Is Playasia safe?

Yes play asia is a safe site to buy gaming goods. Its one of the sites i use for imports but if you want a good site that gives you a good deal try Once you make a google account all games are 10 bucks off.

How do I get a Japanese PayPal account?



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