Question: How Do You Choose Where Your Villagers Live ACNL?

How do you change where villagers move in?

You can’t move it.

You have to anticipate a villager moving in (meaning you can’t see that plot with any existing character, as it saves once you load your town) then create a new character.

Reset until you get a location you like, then save.

You can delete the character afterwards.

Can villagers move into paths?

They can’t unless every space is filled with a pattern then they’ll move in randomly over the patterns. No they still can.

How close can villager houses be ACNL?

There can not be a single space between two houses, or a house and a PWP. Like PWPs, they all have 1 tile zone surrounding them where nothing can be built. It’s the same thing that forces you to leave 2 spaces between your bench and your street lamp when it would look much better to have them next to each other.

How do you get villagers to move in Animal Crossing?

There’s no real method to “force” a villager to move out. Unlike previous versions of the game, you can’t even persuade them by sending them rubbish/trash and rotten fruit/tyres/cans etc which always worked well.