Question: How Do You Give Gifts In ACNL?

How do you give gifts in Animal Crossing New Leaf?


  • Write the neighbor a letter. After you finish it, bring up the screen that shows all the mail on you.
  • Write ur letter than get the item u want, drag it to the letter then it will look like a present then go to the town hall and mail it.

How do you send presents in Animal Crossing?

How to send letters with presents attached

  1. Go to Dodo Airlines and interact with the card booth to the right of Orville’s desk.
  2. Orville will ask you if you’d like to send a letter for the cost of 200 Bells.
  3. Choose which recipient you’d like to send your letter to.

How do you give Isabelle a seashell in new leaf?

Have a seashell in your inventory, talk to her again and you’ll have a choice of “here it is” or something along those lines. Choose it, then it’ll let you pick the shell out of your inventory.

Does your birthday wish come true in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

They don’t come true–it’s just for fun! And if you tell your villagers your wish, they will ask you about it ALL the time, just be warned. It’s annoying.