How Do You Pay Your Loan On Animal Crossing New Horizons?

How do you pay off loans in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The first loan that you must repay is the Island Getaway Package.

To pay off your debt, you’ll need 49,800 Bells, or 5,000 Nook Miles.

Bells are the Animal Crossing currency, and you’ll need a lot of them to do any upgrades in the game: your home, resident homes, decorative items, new recipes, etc.

How do you pay off a loan in Animal Crossing?

Once you hit 5,000 Nook Miles, talk to Tom Nook to pay the loan off and have him set you up with your first house for the low loan price of 98,000 bells. Sadly, it looks like this first loan will be the only one you’ll be able to pay off with miles. Of course, if you want to stay in your tent you can.

What happens when you pay off your loan Animal Crossing?

After paying off a loan, you’ll be able to build the next house upgrade (while taking on a new loan). Upgrading your home to the max will take a long time and millions of Bells. The total for upgrading your house from start to finish in New Horizons is a whopping 5.696 million Bells.

How many loans are in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Although, one of the very first things Tom Nook does is give the player a tent to live in, a cell phone, and a whopping loan of 5,000 Nook Miles right out of the gate.

Can you ever pay off Tom Nook?

Tom Nook has another offer for you: how would you like to upgrade your tent into a house? It’ll only cost a little extra — about 98,000 bells. And no, you can’t pay this one off in Nook Miles.

What happens if you don’t pay off your loan in Animal Crossing?

If you don’t pay off your final mortgage you won’t be eligible for the theme challenge. Please do not send random friend requests.