How Do You Tell If A Pokemon Is Hacked?

The only 100% way to know a pokemon is hacked is if it has a move, ability or pokeball that is impossible to obtain in game (also shiny if it’s shiny locked like the Tapus).

What happens if you have a hacked Pokemon?

Absolutely nothing. The hacked Pokemon themselves cannot do a thing to your game files. It’s the methods through which you obtained them from that do. If you personally coded those Pokemon into your game file, there’s a good chance that it could corrupt your game file; delete information or just straight up crash it.

Can Nintendo detect hacked Pokemon?

How does Nintendo know if a Pokémon is hacked? Nintendo can’t tell the difference between hacked and non-hacked Pokemon for the most part. They can only tell what Pokemon aren’t “legal”, aka Pokemon that are impossible to exist.

Can you get banned for having hacked Pokemon?

There’s no “legal but not legitimaly obtained” since a true legal hacked pokemon is exactly the same as a breed one. So the answer is: no, you can’t get banned if your pokemon are legal. A common mistake that people make is using illegal balls, you can get rid of this headache by using normal pokeballs for all pokemon.

Are hacked Pokemon bad?

Yes. They are bad. People work hard to breed and get shiny Pokémon. Hacking severely devalues the efforts of these trainers.

Does Pokemon home Delete hacked Pokemon?

The folks at Project Pokemon have figured out a new system that Pokemon Home had implemented in order to stop cloned Pokemon and potentially hacked Pokemon. However, this could be easily circumvented by manually deleting the tracker value before sending the Pokemon to Pokemon Home.