Quick Answer: How Do You Use Amiibo On Old 3ds?

Can the original 3ds use Amiibos?

You will need an amiibo figure or card, a compatible game, and a Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or New Nintendo 3DS XL system.

For use with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS systems, a Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory is required.

And, you may also search for amiibo figures by compatible game.

How do I connect my Amiibo to my 3ds?

What to do

  • Set up the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer correctly.
  • From the HOME Menu, open HOME Menu Settings by clicking the icon of the home wrench at the top-left of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select amiibo Settings.
  • Select Register Owner and Nickname.
  • Place the amiibo on the Reader’s NFC area.

How do I use Amiibo on 3ds reader?



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Can you use Amiibo cards without the reader?

1 Answer. Amiibo Cards work the same was as regular Amiibo figurines, in that they require a special reader/writer. Meaning, if you don’t have the new Nintendo 3DS that comes with this reader/writer built-in, you will need to buy the NFC adapter that you’ve mentioned.

Selling cards preloaded with data is definitely illegal. Selling an nfc writable card with alpersonally made artwork would not be. Yeah, they are. You see them crop up over and over because they’re fairly easy to produce, so new sellers keep coming.

Do Amiibo cards work the same as figures?

Rather than having an actual figurine, Nintendo has equipped what looks like a revamped Pokemon card into a NFC equipped Animal Crossing character. Meaning they work exactly the same way as the amiibo figures, without the bulk.

What are the rarest Amiibo?

Nintendo: The 30 Rarest Amiibos (And How Much They’re Worth)

  1. 8 Zelda – Smash Bros.
  2. 7 Poochy – Yoshi’s Woolly World.
  3. 6 Samus Aran And Metroid.
  4. 5 Mario Gold Edition – Super Mario Edition.
  5. 4 Splatoon Alternate Colors.
  6. 3 Nintendo Toon Link And Zelda.
  7. 2 Link – Ocarina Of Time.
  8. 1 Link – Skyward Sword.

Does the 2ds support Amiibo?

You can use amiibo on New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL and New Nintendo 2DS XL by tapping them to the NFC area on the bottom screen. You can use amiibo on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS via the NFC Reader/Writer accessory (sold separately).

What is NFC reader 3ds?

What is the NFC Reader/Writer accessory? The NFC Reader/Writer accessory is a wireless device that allows amiibo figures and amiibo cards to be used with compatible games on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS consoles. The NFC Reader/Writer is not required for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.