Quick Answer: How Fast Do IPhone Preorders Sell Out?

Do iPhone Pre orders sell out?

While Apple never says how many are available for pre-ordering, it’s likely that the initial stock will sell out extremely quickly, if not close to instantly.

This is the first year that Apple has opened online pre-orders at 8 AM Eastern Time.

How long do iPhone Pre orders take?

Just three hours after pre-orders launched, delivery dates for Apple’s latest, greatest, and hugest new iPhone have slipped anywhere from 1-2 weeks all the way to mid-October (depending on your carrier and finish choices).

How do preorders sell out?

By allowing pre-orders on a product, customers can pay a deposit or pay the full amount for the product in order to reserve it before it’s available, so they know it won’t sell out and also will receive the product as soon as it launches.

Did the iPhone XS Max sell out?

Pricing: the XS starts at $999, the XS Max at $1,099. Phones will be available Sept. 21. But some Mac-centric sites have reported that select models of the phones, including the iPhone XS with more memory, and the Apple Watch Series 4 ($399-up) have been selling out with delivery times of two weeks after the release.