Question: How Long Does Best Buy Hold A Pre Order?

about 5 days

How long does Best Buy Hold an order?

5 days

Does Best Buy charge pre orders right away?

A: You will not be charged at the time you place the pre-order. Only when your item ships will your credit card be charged. If you order additional items along with your pre-order, you will be charged for each item as it ships.

How does pre order work at Best Buy?

A: strives to ship pre-orders as soon as they are received in our fulfillment centers. Our goal is to ensure timely delivery of a pre-ordered item on, or around, the actual release date of the product. For movies and music pre-orders you will usually receive your item near its scheduled release date.

When can I pick up my preorder from Best Buy?

We ask that you arrive prior 9 p.m. to make sure that you are in-store in time to pick up your pre-order, as we cannot guarantee that stores will stay open past 9 p.m. for this release. Additional details can be found within our Gaming Events page.