How Much Can You Sell A Ps3 For At GameStop?

The best you’ll get from them is around $90-$150 at the most.

Gamestop Is the worste place to go to sell anything.

How much can you sell a ps3 for?

First you need to find out how much is a PS3 worth? Brand new the 250 GB PS3 can sell for as much as 350 dollars and the 80GB and 120 GB sell for 300 dollars. Some used models sell that high as well. The backwards compatible PS3 can command a price as high as the new 250 GB PS3.

Can I sell my ps3 at GameStop?

GameStop will give you what is in their own interest to give you (the least possible amount) so that they can then flip it and sell it for more than what they paid for it. Most likely you won’t receive the amount in cash, but rather in store credit (GameStop gift card, etc.) that can only be used at GameStop locations.

How much can you sell a ps3 for in 2019?

Average PS3 Pawn Shop Value (2019)

The average PS3 pawn shop value is $31.29, according to our 2019 price data at PawnGuru. The maximum offer made on a PS3 was $100.

How much do you get for trading in a ps3 at GameStop?

Guaranteed trade credit value of $59.99 is maximum net value for game trade.

How much is a ps3 worth at a pawn shop?

The average PS3 pawn shop value is $31.29, according to our 2019 price data at PawnGuru. The maximum offer made on a PS3 was $100. Since offers were made on PS3’s of all types of conditions, storage capacities and models, the prices in the data varied greatly.

Is the ps3 Dead?

The PS3 is dead, long live the PS3. Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is officially discontinued worldwide as of today, 30 May 2017.

How much are ps3 games worth?

Playstation 3 PriceCharting Index

TitleLoose PriceNew Price
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim$4.25$9.99
Grand Theft Auto IV$4.77$9.50
Uncharted Drake’s Fortune$3.97$18.66
Playstation 3 Slim System 120GB$49.62$175.00

47 more rows

How much will GameStop give me for a ps4 2019?

For example, GameStop will pay you $200 cash for a standard PS4. This is the regular figure for trade credit, while cash value is normally just $160. But now through the end of the week, GameStop will pay you the equivalent of trade credit in cash.

What is the rarest ps3 game?

Here are eight of the rarest PlayStation games ever:

  • LSD: Dream Emulator.
  • Rule of Rose.
  • Tintin: Destination Adventure.
  • Fallout 3 – Survival Edition.
  • The Last Of Us – Post-Pandemic Edition.
  • Elemental Gearbolt – Assassin Case.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition.
  • NBA Elite 11.

Is ps3 worth selling?

It’s absolutely worth it still. Many gamers still have a PS3 simply because of the amount of games released exclusively on the PS3. Now, if you were thinking of upgrading to a PS4, PS Now is a subscription streaming service that offers over 600 games, most of which are PS3.

How much does a PlayStation 3 controller cost at GameStop?

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