How Much Can You Sell A TV For?

How much should I sell my TV for?

For example, if your TV’s current list price is $200 USD, the amount you would subtract would be $40 USD for 20% and $60 USD for 30%.

List your TV between $140-$160 USD.

Don’t base your selling price off of what you originally paid for the TV.

The older a certain TV model is, the cheaper it will be.

How much can you pawn a TV for?

If you own a TV that has all the components intact and is less than 26 inches, expect a loan of somewhere around $25-$50. Any missing or defected parts can reduce this price. In case your TV is in perfect working condition and lies between 26 and 42 inches, then you can easily receive $75 to $200 for it.

How much does a TV depreciate in value?

In the case of a $2,700 LCD TV with a $200 dollar scrap value, the depreciating amount is considered to be $2,500. Each year, the asset depreciates by a fixed percentage over 5 years. If, for example, you use 30 percent, the first year depreciation would be $750 (2,500 x . 30).

Where can I sell my TV for cash?

Where to Sell Your Broken TV for Cash

  • eBay. Selling your broken TV on eBay is very easy.
  • Craigslist.
  • 3. Facebook Marketplace.
  • Television Repair Shops.
  • IMS Recycling.
  • Samsung Direct Recycling system.
  • LG Drop Off Spots.
  • Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM)