Quick Answer: How Much Do Games Cost In Japan?

Are ps4 games cheaper in Japan?

Let’s take for example a PlayStation 4. A brand-new PS4 retails at 34980 yen + tax. Currently, tax goes at 8%, so that’s 37778 yen. At almost 5000 yen cheaper, that’s quite a steal!

Why are games so expensive in Japan?

Most things are more expensive in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Cost of living over there in Japan is higher, they have more disposable income than the average person to spend on games. Well it’s the same thing with European pricing of games.

Are Nintendo games cheaper in Japan?

So buying directly from Japan doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it cheaper, well, at least from Amazon. Sure, there are probably a ton of import sites you could buy games at a cheaper price, but there’s a good chance many of the games will not support English translations.

Can I buy switch games in Japan?

The nintendo switch will still be compatible with japanese games so you’re not wasting cash, but still. Check the game’s info before buying anything. There are a lot of places to do that. Still in Akihabara you can find Traders used games shop, you can make good deals there.

The PlayStation 4 remains the most popular console worldwide with nearly 100 million units sold. Gamers in Japan have historically shown much more interest in portable consoles than other markets, with high adoption rates for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita as well.

How much is a ps4 in yen?

Starting October 1, its new price is 34,980 yen ($293). Previously, the console was priced at 39,980 yen ($335) in Japan. This is for the 500GB PS4 (the 1TB PlayStation isn’t available yet in the country).