Quick Answer: How Much Does A MicroSD Card Cost?

How much is a microSD card?

microSD cards are sold in many sizes, from 64 MB to 32 GB, while microSDHC cards are sold in sizes between 4 GB to 64 GB. Larger ones are microSDXC memory cards, sold in sizes between 8 GB and 512 GB.

How much does a 16gb micro SD card cost?

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Which is better SD or microSD?

They’re just smaller. For a long time the conventional wisdom about the two card types was that the standard-size SD card is typically less expensive and faster than its microSD counterparts, but over on Tested Wesley Fenlon reports that SanDisk’s “Extreme” line of microSD cards has largely closed that gap.

Why are micro SD cards cheaper?

The reason that microSD cards are cheaper is because of customer trends right now (the popularity in cell phones and tablets). The downfall to this is that those cards probably have TLC flash in them, which is meant for the consumer market.