Question: How Much Is A Used Nintendo Switch Worth?

A used Nintendo Switch is worth anywhere from $140 to $150 based on the condition of the gaming console.

*Price subject to change.

Is it okay to buy a used Nintendo switch?

A good idea buying anything used is making sure you have the opportunity to return it. If they say no refund and don’t demo the product for you, then it’s probably not a good idea. I know the cool thing to do here is hate GameStop, but a place like that would have to own up if they sold you a crappy switch.

How much money will GameStop give me for a Nintendo switch?


How much are Nintendo switch games worth?

Nintendo Switch Prices & Switch Game List

TitleLoose PriceCIB Price
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller$38.50$45.27
Disgaea 5 Complete Limited Edition$105.53$118.19
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [Collector’s Edition]$35.24$50.00
LEGO City Undercover$17.56$18.07

47 more rows

Can you buy second hand switch games?

Nintendo Switch games can be really expensive. As such, buying them second-hand is a great way to save your money. Moreover, these titles contain the same features as a new one. However, one of the issues with these types of games is that there is no warranty on the product.

Where should I buy a switch?

Major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target all have buy pages for the Nintendo Switch. (Currently, Amazon has stock of the Switch in Gray and Neon Blue/Red and is the only store that can deliver it on time for Christmas).