Is Isabelle A Spanish Name?

What nationality is the name Isabelle?


What does Isabelle mean in Spanish?

The name Isabelle is a Spanish Baby Names baby name. In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Isabelle is: Devoted to God. A Spanish.

Is the name Isabelle in the Bible?

The name’s root origin “Elisheba”, which means “God is my oath” or “God’s promise,” first appears in the Bible’s Book of Exodus, borne by the wife of Aaron (the older brother of Moses and a prophet in his own right). Today, the name Isabelle is quite popular among North Americans and Europeans alike.

What does Izzy mean?

Meaning: God Is My Oath. #BiblicalName. The name Izzy means God Is My Oath and is of American origin. Izzy is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender. Diminutive form of Isabel, Isabella, Isadora, Isadore, Israel, Isaac or Isaiah

Does Isabelle mean beautiful?

According to a user from Zimbabwe, the name Isabelle is of African origin and means “My God is plentiful”. A submission from Washington, U.S. says the name Isabelle means “Beautiful child of God” and is of French origin.

What are nicknames for Isabelle?


  • Origin: French. Meaning: “God’s promise” variant of Elizabeth.
  • Best Nicknames: Bel, Belita, Bell, Bella, Belle, Bellita, Isa,
  • Variations and Sound Alikes: Isabeau, Isabel, Isabela, Isabele, Isabell,
  • Isabelle TV and Movie Quotes: “I never saw Isabelle again.”
  • Famous people named Isabelle or its variations.

Is Isabelle a royal name?

Isabel. Isabel is generally considered a medieval Spanish form of Elizabeth and is a royal name in Spain and Portugal. Isabel and its variants (Isabelle, Isabella, Bella) are also extremely popular names topping all of the charts in recent years thanks in part to a little book called Twilight.

What is short for Isabelle?

Izzy is a common nickname for the given names Israel, Elizabeth, Isaac, Isambard, Isidore, Isidora, Isabel, Isobel, Isabelle, Isabella, Isaiah, Izzet, Isarn, Ismail, Isobel, Isra, Izebel, Izmara, Isobelle or Isam (عصام).

What does Isabella mean in all languages?

Isabella. 6% Gender: Female Meaning of Isabella: “pledged to God” Origin of Isabella: Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, Hebrew Isabella’s Popularity in 2018: #4.

Isabelle Name Popularity

Ranking 113th in popularity in the United States for girls in 2018, the name Isabelle is somewhat popular. Its highest popularity ranking of #79 was reached in 2007 with 4,104 occurrences. In any year, the least number of babies named Isabelle was 33 in 1982.

Is Isabelle an English name?

Elisheba (Hebrew), “Elisabel” (Medieval Latin), “Isabell” and “Isabel'” (Spanish), Izabel (Portuguese), Isabella (Italian), Isabelle (French, Dutch, German), Izabela, Isobel, Ishbel (Scots), Iseabail (Scottish Gaelic), Ysabeau, Elizabeth (English). Isabel is a Romance-language feminine given name.

Is Izzy a good name?

The name Izzy is a girl’s name . The longer Isabella stays in the Top 10—and it’s been there for more than a decade—the more we hear the nickname Izzy (especially if we watch Grey’s Anatomy).

What is Izzy real name?

Baltimore native, Bandhunta Izzy (formerly Lor Izzy), is an American rapper on the rise. Izzy was born Israel James on December 30, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Is Izzy a boy or girl?

Izzy is a short form of several boy’s and girl’s names, e.g Isabella, Isabel, Isidore, Isaac, Israel or Isaiah.