Quick Answer: Is Isabelle In New Horizons?

Where is Isabelle in New Horizons?

The Town Hall has long been the administrative centre of village life in the Animal Crossing series, and it’s been home to one of, if not the most iconic and beloved characters: Isabelle!

But heading to a deserted island for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s no town hall and no Isabelle, just Tom Nook in a tent.

How do you get Isabelle in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

With that in mind, here’s how you find Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • Build the shop – aka Nook’s Cranny. (Image credit: Nintendo)
  • Invite three more villagers to your island. (Image credit: Nintendo)
  • Prepare the island for their arrival.
  • Wait for the Resident Services upgrade.
  • Marvel at Isabelle’s splendour.

Is Isabelle A villager?

Isabelle has the voice of a peppy villager, but her shown personality indicates that she is normal.

Is Tortimer in New Horizons?

Tortimer is dead, and the New Horizons island is Tortimer Island. In every single Animal Crossing game, Tortimer is the friendly yet elderly Mayor of whatever village you move into. This changes in New Leaf, where he retires to a self-named island, leaving the title of Mayor to the player.