Quick Answer: Is It Bad To Leave Your Switch In Sleep Mode?

leaving the Switch in sleep mode allows a small trickle of electricity to be flowing along it, so when its turned on the expansion from heat isn’t as great – this should have the opposite effect as your fear, as it should ensure the circuitry lasts longer.

Is it OK to leave the switch in sleep mode?

And yes it’s safe, it was designed to work that way. On the contrary. Turning it on and off continuously will wear your battery faster. It will not damage your system, unless if you are sleeping by using Switch as pillow.

How long can you leave switch in sleep mode?

Use sleep mode when it’s in the dock or on a power cord, or when it’s unpowered but going to be asleep for less than a day or two. That’s about how long the battery lasts when sleeping with wifi enabled. If it’s going to be unused and unpowered for longer than a couple of days, it’s worth manually powering down.

Does the switch count hours in sleep mode?

If you sleep the Switch or pop to the home menu or are taking an hour on the Tweet editing screen from a screenshot, no time is counted.

How often should you turn off your switch?

No, the only time you should turn it off is if you plan to not use your Switch for a long extended time, like maybe for two weeks+.