Question: Is It Illegal To Sell Netflix Accounts?

Is selling Netflix accounts illegal?

Netflix says that each household (basically) should have it’s own account and pay them money.

They don’t want your kids living separately and still watching on your account.

Not illegal but apparently against Netflix rules that you agree to by using the service.

Are you allowed to share Netflix accounts?

Currently, multiple users can share one account by setting up different viewing profiles using one login. Users must purchase premium plans to watch Netflix on more than one screen. However, these plans are intended for users in the same household and Netflix requires each household to set up its own account.

Is selling cracked accounts illegal?

Cracking itself is illegal, both using and selling cracked accounts is illegal. DON’T ADD FOR REQUESTS, BEWARE OF IMPERSONATORS.

Is selling Spotify accounts illegal?

As for any sales of premium accounts those are logins being sold by hackers who have stolen the security information from other people who didn’t properly protect their information. Buying/selling that information is illegal; as is using those logins to access an account that isn’t lawfully yours.