Quick Answer: Is Kirby Male Or Female?

Kirby is almost always referred to as a male in localization, but interestingly, in the original Japanese, Kirby’s gender is NEVER actually specified.

Is a Kirby a boy or a girl?

He is a boy by default. If some idiot wants to think he’s female then it’s in his/her snowflake head. It’s an unwritten rule in Japan that Kirby is male.

What gender is Kirby?

He has also starred in his own anime and manga series. His most recent appearance is in Kirby Star Allies, for the Nintendo Switch. Since 1999, he has been voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.

Kirby (character)

Species‘Kirbys’ (see below)
GenderMale (in English) Unknown (in Japanese)

8 more rows

Is Kirby gender neutral?

Other Japanese sources (except the manga) also do not confirm Kirby’s gender, so he is referred to with gender neutral pronouns for a broader, more universal appeal in the Japanese market, along with most other Kirby characters; however, Kirby is directly referred to with masculine pronouns in official localizations.

Is Kirby demonic?

Demon (Kirby) Despite the name, a Demon is not an evil spirit/being/entity/etc. beyond the realm of the living. Demons in the Kirby series are actually a species, related to the Fairies, that once resided on the Iron Star.

Does Kirby wear shoes?

Kirby doesn’t wear shoes. Those are his feet.

Is Kirby a God?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Spirits Mode Confirms Kirby is an Actual God. Thankfully, he only demands tributes of sandwiches and tomatoes.