Is Marth A Girl?

Marth is indeed Male.

I can understand why you’d think otherwise.

He does have a feminine figure, and his breast plate is large enough to cover little breasts, so it is quite ambiguous as to whether or not he has any.

It doesn’t help that he has a hair band, as well as a haircut common to both males and females.

Is Marth from Fire Emblem a girl?

The character Marth, as seen in past FE games as well as Smash Bros, is a male. If your talking about the ‘masked Marth’ in this game, then all will be revealed later in the story.

Is Marth male or female?

User Info: HikaruYami. Actually female. It’s just like how Birdo (from the Mario games) was originally described as a male who wanted to be a girl, so he wears that bow and prefers the name “Birdetta.” Now to be all politically correct, they just say Birdo is a girl. Marth is kinda the opposite story.

Is Marth a Lucina?

Lucina is a major character that appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Although she initially disguises herself as the Hero King Marth, Lucina is actually Chrom’s daughter from the future. Like her father, she wields Falchion, the sword of Marth. Her birthday is April 20.

What is Marth’s gender?

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